Join the community and start skating with us!
This is unique set of 6000 NFTs of our bright rollerskating girls invented by Miss Volatility from IamFuture.
The art created by the woman to celebrate women in art, women in digital space without borders.
The collection is devoted to the diversity, joy, equal rights and creativity of women worldwide
The artworks of young and funny girls, inspired by the vibrant and engaging rollerskating hobby are value carriers connecting fun, profit and purpose.
We develop Interconnection of Metaverse and real world fun by our digital art.
All our female characters have bright individuality, charm, special skills and value.
The NFTs celebrate the upcoming launch of “Metarollers” P2E game, where they can be implemented to gain multiple benefits.
We created our NFT collection of carelessly skating girls as a homage for all, whose life is a struggle, who can’t play carelessly and who are exposed to inequality and danger.
We want to celebrate happy childhood and equal rights of all the children in the world for balanced development and education.
Since 03 May 2022 we are busy with the development of the Future DAO focused on providing opportunities for balanced development for children who need support.
Ownership of our Metarollers NFT and our Future token allows to influence decision making in the Future DAO
Content Oriented Web
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
To facilitate education programs in the regions difficult to reach / regions with the shortage of educational facilities
To fight with the child labor and prevent children exploitation in industry
To help children in troubled regions to get access to education and healthcare
To provide all kind of help for children in trouble / warzone / genocide victims / those who lost family in war
To finance goods and materials for education and creativity for children in the troubled regions and complicated family situations
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Welcome to the family
to access very special hidden VIP roller rink
to get discounts in the in-game store and marketplace
to grant benefits and discounts in the game Metarollers
to participate in the special events
to serve as digital signature
to increase gameplay enjoyment
to bridge fiat money and the game token
to create and sell your own unique art
Ownership of our Metarollers NFT for the game benefits provides multiple ways to influence decisions in our ecosystem: